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Kate Tokyo by Kanebo Blogger's Event : A picture diary. And Selfie to Japan?

TOKYO, dubbed as one of the trendiest cities in Asia. I had a glimpse of its trendiness (at least beauty-wise) last May 23rd at Studio SnR, for the blogger event held by Kate by Kanebo. 

I think this was my second? Or third event? I've attended soo many I can barely remember. I don't usually attend these types of shindigs but I knew I HAD to go to this one.

(THIS IS A HELL OF A LONG POST. Prepare to scroll your fingers off)

I arrived a few minutes earlier than what was expected. Turned out the actual thing was going to start an hour later. Didn't take that into calculation, but still, I got to chat with Cece, the Creative Director for Kanefil, the ones who brought Kate Tokyo and Kanebo to the Philippine shores. (Do correct me if I'm wrong)

Kate or Kate Tokyo,(as it will be known Globally) which debuted 1997, is a wildly popular and fast rising Asian brand from Japan. Trend-conscious consumers in Japan, prefer this for its moderate price-point, trendiness and quality. 

Here are some pictures (with little snippets of commentary) from the event.

I believe I was the second one to arrive. A feat that will definitely surprise my friends as I'm known as always being perpetually-unfashionably-late. I've turned a new leaf guys. You're welcome.

Here I am taking my sweet time. This is what's good about being early. Less competition at the makeup spread.

Look at that concentration.

Despite the very "I-am-a-serious-blogger" face going on, I was  prancer-sizing  inside. I mean just look at all these pretty things.

I swatched a few of their lipsticks. They were sheer and I had to swipe a few more times to make the pigment more evident on camera.

 When posed with the question about the sheerness of the lipsticks, the president (Pictured above) said it was made that way. The Kate brand is geared more towards the "natural"-looking route. Now, Purple isn't really a natural-looking lip colour but on the lips they do offer the sheer hint that looks very pretty, cool and effortless. Which is what Kate is about.

For texture think tinted lip balm with a slightly glossy finish. Once put on, you don't have to think about it. really. They don't feel heavy and they sit well on the lips. These are moisturizing and emollient. But they don't replace your standard lip balm. So if you have dry lips, this might accentuate them. All in all I quite like these. 

The tube is really pretty too. As the brand emanates Stylish, Urban and Cool the packaging is designed that way, and I really really like it. Black always looks chic.

Here's Cece, the one who invited me, introducing Kate one of the brands under Kanebo.

Ms. Kookie De Guzman-Sandejas , the makeup artist invited for the event, talked about proper skincare being the key for beautiful makeup. I hear this mantra often from makeup artists so this wasn't new to me. What was new was the eye look she did.

She did the gradient style eye shadow befitting Asians (usually) as opposed to the cut-crease western-style on the model.

Gradient eye looks are the norm for Japan and Korea as far as I know. The norm in the Philippines, is more of a mix I would say. 

Cut-crease and the single lid colors are the norm.

Here are Kate's latest offering from their line.

You can apply them using your fingers. I actually prefer it this way as you can blend the colors better. These are just my initial reactions as we had the chance to swatch them.

We have another contender for the brow mascara. Move over James Cooper, Etude and Dolly Wink.

 I have yet to try this ( I have a full size bottle ) But the concept is interesting no?
 I didn't get to try these two at the event but I have a little sample of the powder foundation. Don't know if it will suffice but I'll definitely post a review. Most likely on instagram. Ahem @manilawithlove. Don't be shy.

Here was my loot.

Look forward to the review of the remake and eyeshadow palette. The mini ones I doubt since I don't have enough to make a substantial review, but I'll try to post my thoughts on it on instagram! Ahem @manilawithlove. Seriously, don't be shy.

Ahh the Pièce de résistance. Yes. Take a selfie. Win an all-expense paid trip to Japan FOR TWO. #dying.

Here are the mechanics.


In a nutshell :

For more information, visit their Facebook page as they're more active there. They also have an instagram, naturally. @katetokyoph

I enjoyed hearing about the brand and I'm into Asian cosmetics plus they're not the typical "kawaii" "princess" themed Asian makeup (think Majolica Majorca) they're more sleek, sophisticated, cool and trendy.

I will definitely be sending my #selfie soon so what are you guys waiting for? It's a SELFIE you guys. How hard can it be?

PS. This is honestly a really good campaign. Great job Kanefil!
PPS. Price range for the cosmetics is around the same as L'oreal's in stores.

You're welcome.

Leave your comments, suggestions, passionate reactions below. I'd love to hear what you think about this!

All the bestest,

Photos by RC Lizan

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  1. Havent tried anything from this brand yet and im surprised they're from Japan pala! The packaging doesnt scream kawaii overload unlike other japanesw brands. Which is good to stand out from the competitors! :) goodluck on the selfie contest. Im tempted to join too haha!


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