Saturday, July 26, 2014

A Jarful of Goodness Review:All Natural Body Scrub in Decadent Coffee & Dead Sea Salt Scrub

Despite the gloomy and (thankfully) cool weather when we all just want to lie down motionlessly on our comfy beds with our hands under the cool side of the pillow (who else does this?) I'm pulling up my sleeves and getting my blogging-chops back on high-gear because I have a new review! This time on a very delicious-smelling scrub Melanie sent me from  Jarful of goodness. Read on to see what I think.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Mail Time Mail Time Mail Time - And I thought I was forgotten

Something came in the mail! or at my doorstep rather ( I wish we had a mailbox ), a couple of products from JLC Miller . These are available in most supermarkets and drugstores.

They really hooked a girl up! Thanks JLC Miller and to Mikee!

I probably won't be exploring the face products because as you know, ( if you've been reading my blog for a while now ) my face isn't exactly the most tolerant to certain mass produced and chemically-induced facial care. All I need is one little slip and poof I become coco crunch.


  • 2 sachets of PreGroe shampoo
  • 2 small bottles of PreGroe shampoo
  • 1 bottle of PreGroe Conditioner
  • 1 Gluta body lotion
  • 1 Gluta face cream
  • 1 Gluta toner
  • 1 Gluta facial wash
  • 1 Gluta deodorant
  • 1 Gluta body soap
  • 1 Gluta Pressed powder in Pink Blush (why?)

For the Gluta line I'm currently using the whitening lotion ( for my arms, because I forget to use sunblock. Because they're too sticky for day-time heat. Wouldn't really mind if I was on the beach though ), soap and the deodorant. So far so good, but no evident changes yet as far as I can tell. My skin doesn't dry-out on the soap so that's very good. The smell is quite...not suited for mass appeal. I find it smells a bit like it has citronella in it. So I think of bug-off lotions whenever I lather on the lotion, smell the soap and use the deodorant. A+ for consistency though(?) Lol

And the shampoo and conditioner from the PreGroe line hasn't made my hair fall off yet so that's also good. I kid.

Which product do you think I should review first?

PS. Why would you use a face powder that can pass off as a blush? Please enlighten me.
PPS. I hope the body lotion works. I already have sun spots on my wrists.
PPPS. It's already JULY. What? WHAT? How is this possible? It's the middle of the year already. Just let that sink in for a bit.


Sunday, June 29, 2014

Happy Sunday Everyone! -- Spotify, where have you been all my life?

Currently resting from general cleaning so I'm lying on my bed and  I thought to share what/who I've been listening to on my Spotify lately. And my feelings about spotify is nothing but positive as you can probably tell by the title.


His voice, golden. His face, angelic. What's not to love? I'm well aware these are very mainstream music nowadays, so hipsters, close this window asap. He is really really good with a very unique voice singing poignant lyrics (read: stay with me).  I have nothing but love for this guy.


She is absolutely stunning, I have no words. Apart from spitting rap skills I can only attribute to one other woman rapper, her whole album is a solid A. I like most of her songs, some I actually don't approve of (I find it a little crass) but these two are just on repeat, and I don't mind one bit.

So these are all of them. I love spotify and have been using it since I got it. One thing to note though is the restriction of "free" users (like myself) I'm only limited to six skips in tracks on my mobile app. Even so, this has replaced my iTunes and Window's player. I don't think I can look back now.

What have you been playing on repeat lately?


Monday, June 16, 2014

Kate Tokyo by Kanebo Blogger's Event : A picture diary. And Selfie to Japan?

TOKYO, dubbed as one of the trendiest cities in Asia. I had a glimpse of its trendiness (at least beauty-wise) last May 23rd at Studio SnR, for the blogger event held by Kate by Kanebo. 

I think this was my second? Or third event? I've attended soo many I can barely remember. I don't usually attend these types of shindigs but I knew I HAD to go to this one.

(THIS IS A HELL OF A LONG POST. Prepare to scroll your fingers off)

I arrived a few minutes earlier than what was expected. Turned out the actual thing was going to start an hour later. Didn't take that into calculation, but still, I got to chat with Cece, the Creative Director for Kanefil, the ones who brought Kate Tokyo and Kanebo to the Philippine shores. (Do correct me if I'm wrong)

Kate or Kate Tokyo,(as it will be known Globally) which debuted 1997, is a wildly popular and fast rising Asian brand from Japan. Trend-conscious consumers in Japan, prefer this for its moderate price-point, trendiness and quality. 

Friday, May 23, 2014

ELF Turks and Caicos Bronzer Duo : A review + This is not a NARS dupe

Let me break it down for you. No matter how much people claim ELF is the more affordable twin of NARS, no matter how much similar their packaging and layout is and no matter how much they're promoted as the "poor-man's" NARS, ELF will never be NARS or even a straight-up dupe of it.


A $30 formulation + extensive research does not equal a $3 one's. Let's be real here.

...BUT this is good stuff. :)

I really like ELF's studio line bronzers. I've tried their all-matte one (Cool), which was what I was originally going to get but surprise! They don't carry it here in Manila. Huhu

Asian's like their shimmer, I ain't gonna lie, I like me some shimmer too but that all-matte (cool) one is a really great shade for me as a contour. If you get the chance, try it. For reference I'm a light-medium/medium yellow-olive. (MUFE 120 Soft Sand / 123 Desert / MAC NC25-NC30) . I put two shades since I can use either depending on how much sun exposure I get and mostly I jump between them. But I tend to go lighter since I'm acidic and bases oxidize 2-3 shades darker on me.

If you want to know what I think about this duo, read on.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Professional Artist Cosmetic - PAC PH Makeup Competition 2014 - QUALIFIERS + A surprise

I admit, I've heard a little about PAC, but only  regarding them being a high quality professional artistic makeup brand as their name might suggest.

A makeup brand by Martha Tilaar it was essentially conceptualized as the professional makeup for asian women. So most if not all products are catered to and suitable for us Filipinas. They're apparently well known for their high quality, waterproof and long lasting makeup. But now they are easily available to end-consumers (us) which is amazing.

Given their price range I say they jump between BYS Cosmetics and Makeup Factory sometimes a little more.

And now to the main reason for this post.

Congratulations to the qualifiers!!!

These amazing and talented (and quite lucky too) qualifiers will be invited to attend an exclusive make up training and workshop on May 26, 2014 with Yuan Sng, an internationally renowned make-up artist from Singapore and a guest judge on Asia’s Next Top Model.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

One thing I got wrong about sunblock ☼


Hellooo durrr. (Guess who that is) It has been scorching hot lately and as much as I love sunny warm days (after experiencing around 5° C ---that one isn't fun) this is just too much! Highest recorded (day) temperature is 36° C but it feels at least 40° C. And the hot humid hair isn't helping at all.

Sunblock is a definite must no matter what season and even if the sun isn't peeking through during the day. Ultra Violet A (UVA) and Ultra Violet B (UVB)  rays do penetrate through clouds/tints/curtains etc. So don't think that shade is sparing you from harmful rays. The best those do is make you see a little better through the brightness..

Sun exposure is, essentially, subjecting yourself to sun damage – but in the same note, avoiding the outdoors altogether is both impractical and nearly impossible. - Dermplus

Now I didn't know that you're supposed to wear sunblock/spf everyday and throughout the seasons. I probably only learned this like 3-4 or so years ago? Just when I learned about BB creams. And before that had the misconception that sunblock is for when you go to the beach, go swimming or hiking. 

Even then it hadn't really sunk in that I really need spf everyday, at the very least whenever I go out.

image via NYpost

This slightly alarming image of an unknown truck driver definitely changed that mindset.Yep. That's for sure.

As you can clearly see, he has significant wrinkles on the left side of his face, probably the side which gets more sun exposure.

So kids, repeat after me. SUN PROTECTION is important.

Very good!

Dermplus, a brand I personally use (I use the SPF 80 one) is quite good and moisturizing. It helps soothe skin too while protecting you from the sun.

You can use it as a base under makeup but for oily skinned people and oily-combination skin, run away. It's very moisturizing, emollient and slippery not good if you want your makeup to stay for more than an hour.

For everyday house lounging, outings, hikings, beachings (?) it does the job. I mean SPF 80 is serious business much less SPF 130 which you would use if you're feeling a little crazy.

Dermplus Moisturizing Sunblock is available in all leading drugstores, supermarket and department stores nationwide. 

PS. What do you use for sun protection? Is it included in your base of choice or do you use a separate one for everyday? Any recommendations?  I heard the Shiseido one is good because it gives a matte finish.

NOTE: This is a press release.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Heng Fang Lip Crayon - A Review


Hi there! I hope you still remember me, you, who reads my blog. It's been a month and a half hot minute since my last post and I actually have missed blogging, albeit putting it off because it felt forced and un-fun (you know what I mean?) and I didn't like that.


Here are my thoughts on these lip crayons from Heng Fang (sent to me by my friend Daisy from ), which looks quite similar to another brand's lip crayon.


I got shade 02 orange and 05 baby pink

As I've said it looks quite similar to the packaging (and logo) of another brand. The box that it came in looked exactly the same too.

Looking at it you’d think it’s a twist up crayon. Sadly it’s not. You have to buy a sharpener big enough for this. (The sharpener from Ever Bilena works--a perfect fit!)

A.K.A. Evidence of my poor E.Q.

I didn't like that aspect much; I really wanted a twist up one with all the balm crayons popping up here and there. Oh well.

Another reason why I didn't like that I had to sharpen it is because...


It's really soft and creamy. I mean I like that it's not hard (cough) but it's just too soft for my liking (cough cough. What's in the air these days? I keep on coughing.). It just melts upon contact using the lightest of hands. And because it's that soft, sharpening it takes away from the product too much. It sticks to the shavings and/or the sharpener itself.

Now THAT is orange. Excuse the bumps I was recovering from allergies.

A trip to the freezer might work but you can't leave this out in the tropical heat, which goes for a lot of lipsticks actually. I mean a better question would be what ISN’T going to melt in this heat?

Man it’s hot.
Still pretty bright even when smudged.

Pigmentation-wise, this is a winner. It's not something I would wear in broad daylight. Maybe for a party or a night out because it’s almost neon-like in its brightness.

BUT, the formulation isn't that ...stellar. You get amazing color-payoff for sure, but swiping it more than once on a certain area moves the product so it looks a little uneven and patchy. You have to blend it with your fingers or use a lip brush for better application.

It also doesn't have a moisturizing feel to it. It's slippery and very emollient but not moisturizing. The color stays well on the lips but it does transfer. I'd say the typical staying power of a creamy lipstick sans eating and drinking, 2-3 hours tops before you need to touch it up a bit.

That said, it's not a balm and is not marketed as such. It's a lip colour/lip stick. Still though, the formula could've been better.


Pretty pretties. Image from

Fun neon-like brightness and super pigmentation plus the kitsch factor of it looking like a crayon/pencil for a mere $2.99, I say go for it.

But if you're more into formulas or if you want something more moisturizing, go with something else. It is cheap but if it's not something you're going to use and is just going to gather dust somewhere, save your buck. :)

If you're interested, you can get this "here" . Use my code QEL91 to get 10% discount on your purchase! ( 10% off of $2.99 = dirt cheap) Enjoy!


- If you're a Korean cosmetics enthusiast (like I am) you know which brand I referred to here.
- I missed blogging foreals though.
- I've been meaning to go to a makeup workshop, anyone know any? (Preferably with free swag HAHA!)
- I cut my hair again, just a trim but it's shorter than what I'm sporting here! If you follow me on instagram you'll know what I mean. @manilawithlove

DISCLAIMER : This product was sent to me for review. I was not paid to say anything good by the owner of the store nor the brand. Everything stated here is honest, un-adulterated and un-biased. These are my, the writer's, own opinion/thoughts. Therefore they do not reflect the opinions/thoughts of owner of the store (where I received the product from) nor the brand's.

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