Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Heng Fang Lip Crayon - A Review


Hi there! I hope you still remember me, you, who reads my blog. It's been a month and a half hot minute since my last post and I actually have missed blogging, albeit putting it off because it felt forced and un-fun (you know what I mean?) and I didn't like that.


Here are my thoughts on these lip crayons from Heng Fang (sent to me by my friend Daisy from http://bornprettystore.com ), which looks quite similar to another brand's lip crayon.


I got shade 02 orange and 05 baby pink

As I've said it looks quite similar to the packaging (and logo) of another brand. The box that it came in looked exactly the same too.

Looking at it you’d think it’s a twist up crayon. Sadly it’s not. You have to buy a sharpener big enough for this. (The sharpener from Ever Bilena works--a perfect fit!)

A.K.A. Evidence of my poor E.Q.

I didn't like that aspect much; I really wanted a twist up one with all the balm crayons popping up here and there. Oh well.

Another reason why I didn't like that I had to sharpen it is because...


It's really soft and creamy. I mean I like that it's not hard (cough) but it's just too soft for my liking (cough cough. What's in the air these days? I keep on coughing.). It just melts upon contact using the lightest of hands. And because it's that soft, sharpening it takes away from the product too much. It sticks to the shavings and/or the sharpener itself.

Now THAT is orange. Excuse the bumps I was recovering from allergies.

A trip to the freezer might work but you can't leave this out in the tropical heat, which goes for a lot of lipsticks actually. I mean a better question would be what ISN’T going to melt in this heat?

Man it’s hot.
Still pretty bright even when smudged.

Pigmentation-wise, this is a winner. It's not something I would wear in broad daylight. Maybe for a party or a night out because it’s almost neon-like in its brightness.

BUT, the formulation isn't that ...stellar. You get amazing color-payoff for sure, but swiping it more than once on a certain area moves the product so it looks a little uneven and patchy. You have to blend it with your fingers or use a lip brush for better application.

It also doesn't have a moisturizing feel to it. It's slippery and very emollient but not moisturizing. The color stays well on the lips but it does transfer. I'd say the typical staying power of a creamy lipstick sans eating and drinking, 2-3 hours tops before you need to touch it up a bit.

That said, it's not a balm and is not marketed as such. It's a lip colour/lip stick. Still though, the formula could've been better.


Pretty pretties. Image from bornprettystore.com

Fun neon-like brightness and super pigmentation plus the kitsch factor of it looking like a crayon/pencil for a mere $2.99, I say go for it.

But if you're more into formulas or if you want something more moisturizing, go with something else. It is cheap but if it's not something you're going to use and is just going to gather dust somewhere, save your buck. :)

If you're interested, you can get this "here" . Use my code QEL91 to get 10% discount on your purchase! ( 10% off of $2.99 = dirt cheap) Enjoy!


- If you're a Korean cosmetics enthusiast (like I am) you know which brand I referred to here.
- I missed blogging foreals though.
- I've been meaning to go to a makeup workshop, anyone know any? (Preferably with free swag HAHA!)
- I cut my hair again, just a trim but it's shorter than what I'm sporting here! If you follow me on instagram you'll know what I mean. @manilawithlove

DISCLAIMER : This product was sent to me for review. I was not paid to say anything good by the owner of the store nor the brand. Everything stated here is honest, un-adulterated and un-biased. These are my, the writer's, own opinion/thoughts. Therefore they do not reflect the opinions/thoughts of owner of the store (where I received the product from) nor the brand's.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Nanshy Brushes - Eye Set : A review

...of sorts.

I'm back and today I'll be sharing with you all this lovely eye set I received from Nanshy.

We pride ourselves in acquiring what we would consider the most affordable cosmetic products coupled with superior customer service like no other. Your satisfaction is our priority at all times. This is why we source products that last longer so you can be sure you get the best value for your money. - Nanshy's Official Website

Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Popular List of 2013

I never really made a kind of "official" post greeting this blog and everyone who reads it a Happy 2014 . Something like a re-cap of the past year.

So I give you five of the most popular entries from 2013.

And now, a little music to skim through this very short list. (What? Ariana Grande again?!...I know ok, I like her and Mika. And you gotta admit, it's really catchy.)

First up, a food "review" of sorts on this Korean dish. Click me or the image to take you to the magical post.

This was when I decided to get highlights and contemplate on why anyone would want to get their hair dyed gray. Click me or the image to take you to the magical post.

I still very much like the quad 'til now. They're not smooth and "buttery" but I like the colors and the case. But regarding this powder, I don't like anymore. The packaging is flimsy as f*ck and the lasting power isn't made for humid places. Click me or the image to take you to the magical post.

My allergic reaction this Maybelline primer was so astounding I looked like I had red rashes on my face. The beauty treats one leaves a lot to be desired, for something so popular (always sold out according to the SA). Click me or the image to take you to the magical post.

Last but not the least, my "love letter" to Ethan Peck. Wherein I croon sweet nothings to him. Click me or the image to take you to this very handsome and magical post. Tee Hee.

PS. Do you have a "popular list" too? Leave it down below. :)

Saturday, January 11, 2014

A highlight on the Golden Ratio liquid + cream highlighter by Cool Betty - Product Review

Well hello there. As you can see I have come back from the "dead" or rather from the food-induced comatose resulting from the holidays which (we're all friends here are we not?) I'm positive I haven't properly digested yet. The holidays are still a blur to me.

Moving on, I give you a review on this cute acquisition. 

Friday, December 6, 2013


Love the shoes and the trench
Hello from the very cool (literally) China. Or rather Ni Hao! Yes, if you're wondering, I'm blogging from Guangzhou, China right now and my nails have never looked more dead. (THIS PLACE IS FREEZING MY TOES OFF) 

Last time I showed you some "Cool Guy Outfits from Japan" now it's the girls' turn. 

Monday, October 28, 2013

What I Want Now #2 - Clothing, Shoes and Bag

Wishlist #2

I love making wishlists {and dream boards}. I think they're a good thing to do when you have some certain goals/dreams you want to achieve, it helps when you make them and immortalize them in one way or another. Not to mention it makes for a good blog post every now and then. *ahem*

Plus it's always fun to see {at least for me} what others are coveting lately, be it fashion, home improvement or something beauty related.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Makeup brushes for sale!...I hustle to live.

Because there's been a huge interest in makeup lately or anything beauty related, partly (or mostly in my opinion) because of beauty "YouTubers" or Beauty Vloggers. I think it's pretty nice that a lot of women are not afraid to go out with a heavily made-up face because they consider it an extension of their whole look which is one of makeup's uses really. Youth is a time for experimentation after all....or at least I certainly think so. And besides it's your life. Nobody's dying just because you put eyeshadow on.

Unless it's electric blue. On your whole lid. In broad daylight.

Then count me paralyzed.

Moving on, I'm actually thinking of selling brushes. I posted a picture on Instagram (@manilawithlove) a few days back and if you're from the Philippines, would get one for yourself?

Or as a gift perhaps? Christmas is looming. (I used looming because I'm not particularly excited about the fact that it's almost Christmas) 

I will price it appropriately of course. (I got yo back ;) ) 

Do let me know if you're interested.

I also posted a picture of my old Victoria's Secret bag. Details in my instagram account. I'm selling it for Php100 because I want to get rid of some stuff and that's the first thing I saw. Shipping is probably pricier than this bag. 

PS. It's authentic. Got it from the States. If you're interested I can send some sexy inside shots of the bag as well.

PPS. It's used. Or rather "pre-loved". Missing some glitters. Yes, big chunks not the craft kind of glitters. But it just looks like the bag's pattern. All stitching is still there. No holes. Doesn't smell funky.  Etc etc. 

Call me ;)

or just email me. I'd rather you email me/instagram me. I was just trying to be flirty there...


Don't ask me. I do weird things.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Empties + Products I wouldn't repurchase + Mini Review

Snoe Hair Heroes, Essence Stay Natural Concealer, Baby Lips, Neutrogena Mild Cleanser -All Skin Types Empties Post and Mini Review
1. SNOE Hair Heroes "Intense PM Repair"  ||  2. Essence Stay Natural Concealer  ||  3. Baby Lips Tinted  ||  4. Liquid Neutrogena Mild Cleanser
My first empties post yay! Or rather, Mehhh. Which basically sums up what I feel about these products. Click through to know more...

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