Sunday, August 29, 2010

An Unplanned Plan with a wonderful friend

Let it be known to all that I, CJ, and a friend of mine, finally went inside Forever 21 in Megamall! At frickin’ last!

The place was huge btw, all that I could ever hoped it would look like.
The mannequins, the different and equally awesome sections inside the store, the clothes, shoes and the best of all, accessories!

Headbands, earrings, rings, necklaces of all kinds and the cutest sunglasses.Too bad we both didn't have cameras. That would've been the icing on top, but nonetheless we still had a blast.

So, funny story; we were looking around Forever 21 and when we wanted to go out already, we couldn't find each other. The thing was, I wanted to find her. It’s just that when I would start looking, something will catch my attention. So for a couple of minutes I was like “ Where is she? Maybe she’s through he…Ohhh! cute shirt!” and “She probably went…OMG cute bag!”

I finally found her in the accessories section, naturally. I had a feeling she would be there.

We just couldn't stand the girls who think that PHP 5000  for a cotton jacket is worth it rather than going to another store equally adequate for a different kind of jacket at a much affordable price. Although not as famous as Forever 21 but still totally worth it. These overly-privileged girls need to learn how to shop wisely. Seriously .Anyway…

After watching a play at the mall for a school project, me and my friend, who is also a blogger by the way check her out, wanted to walk around the mall for a bit.

I didn't want to go home yet ‘coz it had been so long since I went in a mall to actually go "malling" and not just pass through it. As was the usual case with me whenever I go home. And she didn't want to go home yet either, so as our feelings were mutual we set off on a little “sight-seeing” leaving our other friends and classmates behind.We went to different stores. Looked at clothes and wished we would somehow pick-up PHP 10,000  and then go on a shopping spree…*sigh* .

Then we went to Red Mango for some frozen yogurt. YUM. The yogurt itself was delicious, but we definitely prefer Qoola better.

We also went to our joint addiction, Powerbooks and looked at awesome books.

It was getting late so before parting ways, I wanted to surprise her by buying her a “Green” pen. By “Green” I meant that it’s environmentally friendly, which is like uber cool.

We've always wanted a pen like that. And more importantly, every pen you buy gives a part of it or all to the Haribon Foundation an organization dedicated to the preservation of nature and everything in it. Ain’t that sweet?

And so making sure she was nowhere near the counter with the pens, I started to choose a pen for her. I already chose a pen for her when she I saw she was walking towards me. I thought, DARN! Cover blown! Oh well… I still bought her the pen and told her of my initial surprise for her. When I gave her the gift she gave me a surprise of her own. It was really a surprise ‘coz I didn't think she would buy me one as well and so completely blind of me to not see her, which was another surprise because she paid for the pen on the counter next to where I paid mine. I seriously LOL’d.

We said said our goodbyes and headed home.

That day was really special and so much fun! Indeed the best plans are the ones the are not planned.

Looking forward to the next unplanned plan!

Friday, August 27, 2010

The Reds : Pasta Heaven


I could probably live if there was only pasta left on the planet.

My mom made pasta with red sauce last night, which was my favorite. I mean, all kinds of pasta are my favorite. I could live forever on pasta: Red, white, seafood, Italian, Party-style (HAHA I call it party style because that's what local spaghetti tastes like in birthday parties, really, really sweet, like candy).

And so I had a big plate of it last night, actually more like a basin-full of spaghetti, and then I had it again this morning. I think I could probably eat all the pasta here by myself for today.Yeah. I think I could. I mean, I probably will. Until that pasta is completely gone from our refrigerator, I don't think I could ever stop.

People could use that against me you know. Pasta is, I guess, one of my biggest weaknesses. Put a platter of pasta in front of me, and I would probably say yes to everything you ask of me. (Exaggerating of course, but who knows?) :))

Well, there's still pasta in our ref, and I believe it has been calling my name for the past 10 minutes.

Disclaimer: Photo isn't mine.
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